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Funding Priorities

Strengthening Loyola University New Orleans and Supporting Students in 2024

In 2024 and beyond, we ask alumni, friends, and supporters of Loyola to prioritize the following fundraising efforts to yield the best generation of Jesuit-educated leaders: the Loyola Fund, Residence Halls, Scholarships, and Wolf Pack Athletics.

The Loyola Fund

The Loyola Fund plays a critical role in ensuring the financial sustainability of the university by providing unrestricted funds that can be used to address the most pressing needs and opportunities. The Loyola Fund acts as a reservoir, providing essential resources to keep the university blossoming year in and year out. Gifts to the Loyola Fund allow university leadership to direct resources to where our faculty and staff can best address challenges — to water the seeds that need it the most. 

A leading priority of University President Xavier A. Cole and the Board of Trustees, the Loyola Fund allows everyone to invest in the mission and the future of Loyola. We ask for your generous support for the Loyola Fund as it enhances the entire Loyola experience. Each Loyola Fund donor joins the Jesuits who guide, the professors who teach, and the eager students who work hard to follow proudly in alumni's footsteps.

Residence Halls

An in-person on-campus experience at Loyola is critical for students to form connections and access assistance from admission to graduation. Loyola strives to enhance this experience with high-quality facilities, starting with the university’s residential spaces.

In December 2023, the university began construction of a new dorm in the space formerly occupied by Mercy Hall, as well as to renovate existing dormitories. With a major naming opportunity available for the new residence hall and other naming opportunities available within all our residence halls, we know from data and experience that students who have a great campus residential experience, are more likely to graduate on time and to be happy while they are with us.  Revenue from our residence halls is important for the long-term sustainability of Loyola’s mission-driven work.


Scholarships at Loyola allow the university to recruit the most impressive and deserving students while retaining the critical revenue that tuition provides. Additionally, scholarships help increase student retention and graduation rates, affirming our students’ investment in themselves and promoting the university's financial stability.

Scholarships can be used strategically to sustain the enrollment of students in high-demand programs, ensuring that Loyola remains competitive and relevant. Investing in scholarships is not only imperative to increasing access to the premier Jesuit education that Loyola provides, but it is also a smart financial investment for the long-term sustainability and success of the university. No matter the amount, your gifts toward student scholarships have a direct impact.

Wolf Pack Athletics

The past five years have been the best on record for Wolf Pack Athletics. During the 2022-2023 academic year, Loyola scholar athletes had seven nationally-ranked teams, won three conference championships, and appeared in 10 national tournaments. To sustain and further the growth of the Wolf Pack Athletics program, Loyola is prioritizing the renovation of the University Sports Complex. 

Initially built in 1986, the current complex was designed for a university without collegiate-level sports. This space has changed over the years but is still lacking some of the necessities that thriving sports teams require. Through this renovation, spaces will be shifted across the complex, allowing scholar athletes access to upgraded facilities in addition to their locker rooms, an athletes lounge, a sports medicine office, a concessions stand, a new state-of-the-art weight room, and new offices for Loyola’s growing coaching staff.

The envisioned renovations will empower the university to offer more sports, boost academic success, increase enrollment, and strengthen community ties. Updating our athletic facilities speaks to the Jesuit value of cura personalis (care for the whole person) by better supporting the growth of our scholar athletes and the entire student population in mind, body, and spirit. With your support, the benefits will extend to scholar athletes, the university as a whole, and the surrounding community, making it a significant, multifaceted initiative for Loyola’s future success.

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